About Prerana

Prerana, literally means ‘Inspiration’ in Sanskrit.
At Prerana we aim to inspire people to become aware of themselves, to take charge of their lives and to enhance the quality of their relationships. As people work on themselves, they discover their true self and they feel their life is transformed.

We facilitate the process of transformation by:

Helping people understand themselves, their abilities and potential.
Helping people through changing circumstances and transition from one stage in life to the other.
 Helping people grow in the midst of personal crisis or despite lack of resources.
 Helping people set goals, overcome barriers, and plan fulfilling, productive and MINDFUL lives.

The methods we use are :

Providing suitable environment and platform to people for exploring themselves and making informed, acceptable and workable choices when ever faced with challenges in life….
Offering unconditional positive regard and acceptance to anyone who walks in to Prerana.
Conducting various need based activities / workshops related to human behaviours.

In Short.....

     Prerana is an academy dedicated to the enhancement of the quality of life ….working towards achieving untapped and unexplored human potential.

At Prerana we believe that…..

Self awareness gives us the freedom to make informed choices.

Prerana Academy in Bangalore came into existence and ….. Is transforming into a mature being because of Meera Ravi’s passionate belief in exploring and expanding human energy and potential. Her aim is to reach out to anyone who may be going through any kind of struggle, is lonely and distressed, be they children or adults and empower them to have a better quality of life. She is a trained family counsellor with ten years of experience.


Prerana’s vision : To being the catalyst in forging healthy relationships in a society which is transforming and throbbing at a very fast pace. We do this by:

 Helping couples, families and individuals to make relationships work better
 Delivering inclusive, high-quality services that are relevant at every stage of life

Our Team

     Our team is dedicated to the enhancement of the potential and uniqueness of individuals and enrichment of relationships between couples, families and groups.

Our counsellors, through continued education and experience, have developed expertise in counselling people with specific needs. In our culture feelings such as joy, happiness and compassion are welcomed by all but we often feel alone with ‘unwelcomed’ feelings such as anger, guilt, jealousy and despair. Our counsellors specialise in navigating the often confusing, overwhelming sea of human emotions. We help you to connect with your inner wisdom so you can make mindful and healthy choices.


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