Testimonial Counselling Children and Teenagers

6th batch


The course has been a great learning experience especially on personal front. The course is very well designed and comprehensive. Continuous support was available in the form of supervision, personal counselling and group sharing. I would recommend the course to my colleagues who work with children. It would also benefit them personally and could be life changing. personally I would now be able to understand my personal relationships better having learnt to acknowledge my feelings and able to communicate better and ascent myself. Professionally I have better understanding of family systems and realize that I might be able to reach out to parents and adolescents being better equipped now.



I have got more than I expected out of the course. I liked the way the course is designed. Each part is complimentary to the other. Very well thought about. I would definitely recommend the program to friends because lot of learning happened for me and it is useful to grow as a person, the learning has helped me in all aspects of my life. Since it is about me, I am sure it will affect my personal as well as my professional life.



An excellent course very balanced and highly recommended. Perfect balanced of the theory classes in relation to the course. Besides being a career option it is a great self awareness journey. It has helped me in understanding myself more, has definitely enriched my family life.



I liked the counselling sessions and theory classes the best about the training program. I have already integrated the learning in key relationships. Professionally want to bring non-judgemental, listening skills and empathy in my work.



the course gave me a platform to increase “awareness” in more ways than one... I plan to practice as a ‘counsellor’. I plan to use the skills to be a more effective mother, wife, friend and community member.



I liked the sessions on counselling skills and supervisions. I would recommend the program to someone who wants to begin to take a look at oneself. I have personally started taking care of myself-I have altered few aspects of my schedule.



The program is a journey of self awareness and with better self awareness whatever action one takes would lead to better outcomes in any situation / profession.



Good combination of theory and practical sessions. I have recommended the course to my friends. They have seen change in me. It is a journey of self awareness. At Prerana I learnt to manage my anger and also learnt to be assertive. I have started integrating it in my personal life by being aware of the emotions and feelings.



The course has helped me to understand about lot of issues in day to day life.



The content of the course was nicely designed, crisp and practical. Would recommend the course to others because there are potential people in the society and society needs their scientific services.



5th batch


The course surpassed any expectations I had. I wanted self-awareness, and I got it in greater measures than I had expected.I loved the fact that it was so self-contained. The combination of theory, supervision and counselling ensured there was no escape from awareness.

This course doesn’t just teach one how to be a counsellor, it improves the quality of life itself. I hope that many more people have access to this course and others like this one.



It was aptly programmed to match with growth and the skills needed to be a ethical, skilled and honest counsellor. I don’t know whether people want to become counsellor but self awareness, self growth and self-esteem is what I would like to suggest to everyone to live with less remorse.



The course was beyond my expectations.A great place to express, non judgemental and confidential.I personally feel that everybody should get this chance of personal journey to be happy.



The theory classes helped interaction,space,bonding and personalisation.Supervision sessions helped me to see my transference in work and then in life and counselling sessions made it very clear what actually one is gifted by counselling.I’m on my journey with myself and its more clear, understanding it’s like a book content to me and not the glossary and if someone ask to be on the same path I would definitely do so.



I liked the self work, supervisions,counselling,book sharing and of course Library very much during my journey at Prerana.
everybody for self growth must do this program.



The course has made a remarkable change and in professional life. I am able to see the problem areas of mine and able to work more effectively.



I liked the Feeling check,Book reflection along with feedback very much.It helped to recognize myself and work towards betterment.

4th batch

Prajakta Raibagi
I liked the experiential aspect of this course most, which means that the emphasis is on knowing oneself more than anything else and I really like that. The topics on feelings and emotions, values and beliefs, TA, Co-dependency, defence mechanism, family systems and counselling were very helpful.


I liked the openness and honesty among the faculty (they were willing to learn too). The discipline, time structuring, faculties from outside, workshops all were good. I would recommend this program for others for their personal growth and to start as a counsellor.


Yukti Asher
The best part of the training program were the interactive sessions and also all the insightful information. The programme has transformed my way of thinking and also my behaviour. I owe it to the course to have got my life back. Liked almost all the topics but feelings, family structure, co-dependency and Grief touched me a lot. Even TA and dealing with adolescents was a great insight and a lot of learning.


I liked the overall structure of the program, the quiet time, counselling, supervision sessions and the sharing in our group. I also liked the Play therapy, art therapy CBT and TA topics. The training gives awareness of self and.... life changes.


Rukiya tasleem
The bonding we all shared which I would say was a result of how well the entire course has been put together each module and related handouts were very well done. Basically lot of thought has gone into designing the course which has brought out the best in me. It has helped me ‘grow’ on a personal level.


3rd batch

Tanuja K
The training was planned systematically. It gave me lot of awareness to lead a mindful life.


I liked counselling and supervision sessions very much apart from the importance given to emotions, respect for everyone’s time. The programme helped open up channels of communication in important relationships. It brings in peace, provides an anchor to be grounded and start working. It helped me reflect on the misconceptions about self and others. It has brought in hope and excitement about life.


It made a radical change in my approach to life encouraging me to go for a more fulfilling life. I liked the experiential and exploration approach of the training program. Insights I got in this programme has helped me look at my personal life in a different perception and redefine myself professionally.


Alka Mani
The personal counselling sessions were very good. I liked the book reviews, TA and child abuse. It helps one to know more about self-a comprehensive course.


2nd batch


Self awareness journey was the best part of training. Feeling check, getting in touch with my own feelings helped a lot. At the end I feel more confident of myself. Practise sessions were intriguing and painful but I learnt a lot. Liked the topics related to anger and boundaries. Different media therapies were used in child counselling.


Misrak Tadele
I like the most that what the outsider guide comes and gives more knowledge. Assignments helped me to understand more. It really helped me at least to understand who am I and because of that I gained more knowledge and I could relate to my family in a much better way. I really would like to thank Meera to give this kind of opportunity to the people.


Meenakshi Jacob
Training was made very interesting, with lots of guest lecturers and various topics. Nothing was monotonous; lots of topics were covered and lots of practice sessions were given.


Best part of the training was quiet time, feeling check and journals. It has already helped me in personal life. I would like to take it forward.


I liked the role plays, topics on grief counselling, sexuality, LD issues and mental health in children.


Best part of the training program was the approach, content, preparation and visiting faculties. The topics which were most helpful were counselling, different strategies for different people and stress on integrity and ethics.


Janaki Lakshmi
All the sessions were interesting and informative. With this training we can help others and ourselves.


Nandini HK
The best thing about the training is that each time we have been questioned and made aware of the feelings we carried. It will help people who want to work on themselves.


1st batch

Pushpa Rajendra
Though I came to learn about ‘Child and Teenager counselling’, I learnt a lot of other things. When I learned about family systems theory, it was a journey inwards. Some days it was painful. I really had a hard time going through these emotions, coming to class, fighting my occasional physical health. But I learned a lot. So I am happy and empowered. The course was very informative and helpful in reaching out to children.


Alka Murdeshwar
Excellent content and insights into the areas like child abuse, mental health in children. Professional approach and guidance to learn and grow, thanks to all the facilitators. I appreciate their punctuality and commitment. It has been a period of great learning and understanding the psychology of children. I would recommend this course to someone else for the quality, content and individual guidance that each one of the trainer has given, which has been a great period of learning.


Kavita Aggarwal
Excellent training. Very well paced and informative. Handouts are precise and concise and very helpful to look and learn from live case studies. I improved my interpersonal skills. Liked the total professional approach to ‘counselling’.


It led me on a journey of becoming self aware, explore my belief systems, impact of family system on my behaviour was very much. Writing journals made me get in touch with some unexplored arena and feelings. This helps to understand where a child might come from. The skill training and feedback from practise sessions helped us greatly. I would recommend this training program to my cousin who is a young mother as well as a kinder garden teacher.


I liked the punctuality, methodical way of handling curriculum, appropriateness of content, facilitators and external faculty being very available and aware.


Sampada Budaria
We were given assignments and journals to write after each class which helped me reflect those issues in my life. Personal attention was given to each participant. Sessions on child abuse, family system, mental illness and Learning Disability were the most helpful to me, as it gave me in depth knowledge about the same.


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