Self Development Counselling Bangalore

Self-development counselling helps individuals to solve personal growth challenges.

This kind of counselling helps one

To realise how emotions rule and how to take charge of them.
To discover how to make informed choices, regardless of what the situation may be.
Improve the ability to resolve conflicts and enjoy life.



The counselling sessions may address the following, after exploring with the individual and discovering which areas are challenging for the individual.


Improving people skills - how to relate better with everyone, even difficult people.

Assertiveness- having the courage to spell out what one needs and wants without being aggressive, also listening to what others may want and need. This will enable the person to make the right kind of choices and improve the quality of relationships.

Communication is a two way path – Talking and listening. Saying only what one means. Listening with full attention. Genuineness is the key to good communication.

Informed choices - making choices that suit and work best for you in the given circumstances.

Identifying the triggers- that other people push that make you react unhelpfully. Having recognized, you can choose to alter your response and get different results.



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