Testimonial Art Therapy


Alka Murdeshwar
I got a lot of insights into discovering more about myself, what I think I am what I am. It created a new perspective in learning about healing process with colours, design and forms. Brilliant insights enjoyed the process very much.


Sabiha Akber
Professionally –new knowledge. The ambience, the way it was conducted, the faculty and the opportunity given to explore and practical experience was very good.


Sunita Kumar
I liked everything about the workshop.


Rashmi R
The workshop was more focussed and importance was given to each person in the workshop.


Nandini HK
I became aware of certain things of my own and my life. The workshop was a detailed study and allowed every person to go through their feelings.


Mercy John
Had read about the therapies earlier, but after the workshop, have understood it. Lot of clarity, lot of fun, mixed with lot of serious learning.


Learned how to initiate the client to open up, always have lot of assumptions in every relation. I really liked the methodology of teaching.


Arundhati H
It gave me a direction as to which kind of therapy I would like to attach more to. The facilitators style of facilitation, full of energy, his ability to be gentle and at the same time make the person enable to see the point he is making. I liked his gentle and yet strength giving approach.


Malathi Simha
I liked the presentation skills, the atmosphere in which it was taught, the comfort, ease and vibrations of the tutor. The time management and other supporting facilities available helped pleasant learning.


Better self awareness-realised a lot about certain beliefs which were troubling me that’s why I felt good and calm. The whole process was wonderful and amazing.


The Coordination between the facilitators was very good. The venue was well designed. Time management, quality preparation of the topic, professional nature of the facilitators was good.


It was an interactive session and a lot of practical work/activities were involved. I learnt something new which is going to be useful professionally and personally.


I got a lot of insight about pictures and human behaviour. I wanted to know more about therapy and how it works, which got fulfilled completely. Role-plays were really fascinating and understanding of drawings was very insightful. The entire experience was one of increasing self awareness.


A number of therapies like drawing, picture, sand, miniature animals were discussed during the course of the workshop. Each therapy was very insightful.


Padmashree GS
Good insight about my subconscious, so many tools to use with clients and lot of awareness and knowledge. Liked the method and activities and role plays.


I got clarity on use of creative art therapy. I liked hands on experience.


Hema Prasad
I have a good learning of the various projective techniques (sand play, etc). It was a very well presented workshop. There was active participation allowed and every doubt of ours was addressed.


Nandini Harish
Professionally, it gave insight into how art therapy could be used as a tool and personally it showed that I was seeing only the tip of the iceberg at a conscious level. It was a very warm, professional and yet easy environment helping me to think for myself.


Arpitha Anand
It has widened my options and has given me a lot to explore about. Professionally I have got a lot of insights into myself as a person. It has really fascinated me. I liked everything about the workshop-all the activities. It gave us a firsthand experience of what the real scenario is. The environment of the workshop was very approachable. I got to meet diverse people, so it was even better.


I gained some important tools to work with children, adults. Also gained some insights personally too. Liked the hands-on work; practical application and demonstration in the workshop.


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