Testimonial SFBT workshop

SFBT 1st Batch:


Manjula Naik
I liked the detail explanation with examples and conducting counselling tricks.


Reema Gupta
I benefited in fact personally then professionally; as I used to use these technique but never knew it has some points of time for usage. So, therefore I could put a structure in my mind from where I can elicit whatever is required. I liked the practical examples and distinction drawn between every concept and techniques.


Yukti Asher
I got a clearer picture of what I have been at times putting into practice.


I got more focus and practice on SFBT.


I liked the compartmentalising the issues and working towards the goal. It made me think more clearly about a lot of things.


Tripti katti
personally focuses more on finding solution with problem free talk-can be used in day-to- day life. The approach, role plays done at the beginning and at the end gave more clarity.


Dr.Anuradha H S
I felt the workshop was specific, clear and focussed. Professionally it would help me in working with adolescents/parents.


Shruti Sabharwal
there were role plays and it was crisp though detailed. A lot of examples were given which made understanding it better and also interesting.


Sarita Bhutra
Liked the role plays, examples and the handout given.


Chaitra Prabhakar
Professionally I will be using SFBT with teenage children and personally I will be using various strategies to deal with certain situations. The workshop gave a lot of clarity about SFBT.


Deepa Pillai
Got clarity about the application. Liked the teaching with examples.


Aatma Shetty
I learnt a lot more, about the approaches, practical, real-time counselling-where and how to use it. The application focussed approach was very helpful.


Narmada B S
I got clarity on my therapeutic approach to the clients and got to know the tools to bring in radical changes. Personally I can deal with my relationships in a better way. The interactive approach was good.


Vani Reddy
It has given me clarity and a new better approach. The workshop was systematic and clean approach towards the topic and had clarity emphasised with role plays.



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