Counselling Children and Teenagers-June 2016


Rashmi Ramesh

I learnt more than I expected. I had come here with the expectation of learning & upgrading counselling skills, but I learnt lot about myself and my strengths, and my limitations that I can work on. Being aware of parallel process has given me clarity would intend to use then in schools.


Swati Bannerjee

I liked the practical sessions and especially thanks to Meera for taking us to school for better understanding on play therapy. I would love to integrate the learnings to be more observant, to be empathetic and to be aware of what is happening to the client more in my practical sessions.


Bhagyalaxmi M

I learnt how to handle adolescent clients and now I am confident while I am counselling them. The emotional abuse topic was an eye opener for me. Many times I have done it to my kids. Now with awareness I take of myself. What I am saying to my kids and even am sharing this awareness to my husband who is also implementing this awareness.


Dolly Dadu

Visiting school and having a practical experience with the children was the best thing about training program.


Rajalaksmi V

I’m completely happy and satisfied with this course. It helped in learning counselling skills in a better way and helped me understand myself better. I have already started integrating the learnings in my personal life. It has helped me understand myself better because of which I’m able to work on anger and about my reactions.


Varsha Bajaj

The course exceeded my expectations. The best thing about the training was the brainstorming sessions, and the practical sessions. The course was a huge learning in my personal life, in my interaction of communication with my children, in-laws and my husband.


Vidhi Shah

I learnt a lot during practical sessions in class.


Rashmi N

The projective techniques and all the topics were helpful and apt for learning. I intend to take the learning professionally and start working with children. The course was well designed and the training was good.




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