Individual Counselling Bangalore

One-on-one counselling helps in the following ways:


Facilitates to resolve personal challenges/difficulties one may face in their lives.
Addresses the person's emotional needs.
Helps them to dislodge any emotional baggage that they have been carrying and hurting within - helps them to feel lighter and better by addressing such challenges.
The interactive process between the counsellor and the counselee helps in identifying the areas that are most challenging for the person, helps the person to plan effective strategies to cope with such situations.
The process also helps the client to decide which goals are achievable and which are not, based on their outer support, resources and inner strengths.
Sometimes just being listened to non- judgementally by an empathetic counsellor helps the person to see new alternatives.
The process of counselling may make them realize that even if they are not able to change the external factors, they can change their own attitude to lead a better quality of life.
Will create self awareness at a deeper level that may lead to improving the relationship with self and their close relations.

A few reasons why people seek individual counselling:


Feeling depressed or anxious
Feeling lonely, inadequate, or having trouble 'fitting in'
Dealing with difficult family situations
Intimate relationships
Having conflicts with partner, children, any other family member, co-worker or friend
Not able to be assertive in relationships
Experiencing a lack of motivation or ability to concentrate
Dealing with or recovering from sexual or physical abuse or incest


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