Life Skills Program-June 2016



I am very satisfied with the course. Self awareness and communication as specially “I” language makes lots of difference. It boosted up my confidence. Personally I have to draw a line between me and my helping tendency.



I learnt many things such as self awareness and problem solving. I am going to adopt all life skills in my life.


Sandhya S.D.

It was good. The activity based experiential training was good to experience. The activities, the processing of the activities helped me learn a lot.


Rajalakshmi v

I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and learned many skills, which helped in my personal growth too.

The best part of the training was team work, designing / planning, activities which boosted my confidence. I personally feel that effective communication solves half the issues. More than “what I say how I say matters “(biggest learning).


Jyothi G R

I became a better person and liked everything in the course the way it was.


Pruthvi S. N.

The best part in the training was “Insisting on using I”. I have learnt to take responsibility of my emotions. I would like to start as a trainer shortly.


Mamtha Anil

All topics were helpful in learning and unlearning. It inculcated a lot of thought process and self awareness. Learning and integrating both personal and professional life will never stop, I want to come back for more such classes and improvise, introspect as this is a process which will take time and won’t happen overnight .So for very happy and satisfied for the invaluable thought and session.


Yukti Asher

The best part of the training was the entire process of looking inward into my own self. This course has helped me to conduct workshops at workplace especially for teachers to help the children.


Shweta Rao

The course met my expectations in all aspects. I liked the practical aspect of the training program. It made me realise and understand the skills in a better way. I liked all the topics and the most helpful one was Communication and to express my feelings. I plan to integrate my learning in my life.




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