Testimonial Life Skills Workshop

Life skills workshop 1st batch

Smita Reddy-I was able to understand my feelings and manage my emotions better. I never ever realised that every situation has a choice.


Trupti- I am beginning to realise why I act, feel the way I do; learnt how to handle conflict better. I have had success stories that I am happy about.


Varsha-Personally I have gained lot of awareness of my feelings and my behaviour patterns.


Sanjeevini-I am better able to evaluate myself, my behaviour and actions.


Jayaprada-I understand myself better.


Laxmi-More understanding and know about communication and relationship


Raji Srikant-Has helped me to become more open personally.


Kishwer Sultana-Classroom interactions helped me make connections. Everyday life, my behaviour, self awareness and feelings are very important to me.


Sindhu-I became aware of my self restricting beliefs and that my emotions and feelings are valid.


Shikhar-I feel more aware and empowered.


Sreevathsa- Have understood the counselling approach to learn life skills.


Srimatha-I got a very clear understanding of interpersonal relationships.


Dr.Chaya- Positive outlook of looking into issues is what I have got.


Vikramadithya- I realised analysis is the key to understanding and solving the problem.

Life skills workshop 2nd batch

Candida D’Silva- I liked that I was able to make connections to different aspects of my life through the examples shared. I liked the warmth of the facilitators.

Anjali-It helped me to understand myself and feelings.

Pushpa-Professionally it helped me to manage stress and personally it helped me to improve my communication skills.

Arati Venkatesh- I really liked the open discussion and unbiased opinions where we all shared different kinds of thoughts on the same platform. I felt many of my questions were answered through others’ talks.

Aparna Mitta-The approach and the attitude is wonderful. The way they are handling the emotional turmoil is appreciable.

Suchitra Rajeev-My issues were handled well and it helped me in SELF EXPLORATION. It was different from other workshops I’ve attended because of the personal attention and guided me and initiated a unique thought process. Professionally I got a different outlook regarding the problems we face in adult life.

Bunty Shrestha-I became aware about myself and I got the space where I could say those things that were inside me for a long time.

Kavya Arun-I recognized myself through my feelings and emotions. I learnt how to resolve the conflicts in my family through this program and it helped me gain confidence.
Hema-Personally I recognized the baggage I have and professionally it helped in positive communication with others.

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