About Meera


Born and brought up in the capital, getting married to a businessman brought her to Bangalore 30 years back. When she did her graduation and post graduation in Book Publishing form Delhi University, she didn’t imagine that one day she will be getting married to a business man and joining him in his tyre business. But this was the best choice she made with a clear focus of having flexi timing to set up her home and start a family. After being a devoted mother and home maker for sixteen years of her married life there came a time when she began evaluating her life. She was in pursuit of more meaningful life that drove her to the field of counselling.

She began her journey as a volunteer way back in 1997, at ‘ASHA’, a Rehabilitation center for schizophrenics run by Richmond Fellowship Society. On one hand it was heartrending to work with the patients there, on the other hand human behavior seemed to fascinate her so much that she decided to train herself to be a professional counsellor. So she did her first course in counselling in 1999 and volunteered at various NGO’s and schools which endowed her with the right foundation to build her career in counselling on.  Since then there has been no looking back. She undertook various courses to equip herself enough so that she can start her own institute. The focus was crystal clear – reach out to the lonely and distressed, be it children, adolescents, or couples and families.

To quote her, “The whole process has helped me discover myself and put things in perspective. Learning about oneself is a never ending process and I find the journey on this road less travelled very exciting. Self awareness can be addictive”
She set up “Prerana Academy’ in 2003 in Bangalore and since then has been helping people have better relationships for over ten years.
Prerana came into existence and is transforming into a mature being because of Meera Ravi’s passionate belief in exploring and expanding human energy and potential. Her aim is to reach out to anyone who may be going through any kind of struggle, is lonely and distressed, be children or adults and empower them to have a better quality of life. She is a trained family counsellor with ten years of experience

Mrs Meera Ravi has worked extensively in the following areas
Counselling children with behavioural problems.
Helping parents and children have better communication with each other.
Conducting workshops for parents, teachers and students.
Conducting various need based activities related to human behaviour apart from conducting personalized programmes and seminars for corporate world.
Educational Qualifications
Graduation in Book Publishing (Delhi University)
Post graduation in Book Publishing (Delhi University)
Courses related to Counselling
"Therapeutic Community and Personal growth" from "Richmond Fellowship Society".
"Diploma in Counselling skills" and " Basic skills in Counselling".
"Certificate Course in Guidance" from Indira Gandhi National Open University.
"NLP Practitioner's Course" Basic Skills.
"TA 101Certificate" course.
Advanced training in "Child and Adolescent Counselling" .
Advanced training in "Couple and Family Counselling".
Certificate course in "Bereavement Counselling" .
Diploma in "Creative Writing in English" from Indira Gandhi National Open University.
M.A. Psychology (with specialization in child Mental Health).
Diploma in Transactional Analysis from SAATA.


Other :

She is Fluent in English, Kannada and Hindi.
To spread awareness about counselling and skills of parenting, she has been writing a column in JNR Today. for the last nine years
She conducted workshop on "Effective parenting" for the employees of WIPRO.
Volunteered at "Helping Hand" from 1999-2003.
She regularly conducts workshops for parents, teachers and students
She has been a Columnist for Times of India in the recent years
She was a columnist with Bangalore Mirror – the one minute manager.
Following are the institutions where she has conducted various workshops for parents, teachers and students on parenting, counselling, study skills respectively, she has worked as a counsellor for high school children for more than ten years.
Montesorri : Schools : Kendriya Vidyalays : Colleges :

Jelly Beans
Perals and Petals
Child’s day
Growing Woners
Euro Kids

St. Paul’s School
Sri Kumaran’s Children’s Educational Trust
APSPublic School
St. Ann’s School
SJR Public School
Mahila Mandali, Fame India (special school),
Anand shiksha Kendra
Holy Child Convent

MG Railway Colony
ASC Centre
Doni Malai.


Mount Carmel College
A.V.P.U College
Cathedral College
Baldwin Women Methodist College
St Joseph college
Jyothi Nivas College




Arrange your love marriage


    There is a systematic and more fluid route to finding the partner you want other than dating and discarding dozens of potential partners. It begins with an inner assessment of who you are, what your values are and what is it that you actually want. This book will serve as a handbook for 'would-be-couples' and guide them about whom to fall in love with and subsequently how to 'rise' in love.




Counselling What, Why and How


    Counselling can be the answer to several problems like poor self-esteem, lack of control over your life, difficulty making decisions, grief, anxiety, depression and difficult relationships. Or people may go for counselling just to improve their life. Dispelling the myths about counselling, Meera Ravi explains why it is not just 'comforting' and how it can be a way to self-discovery.





A guide to study skills


    Do you think your child is not motivated enough to study? Does he avoid you as soon as you talk to him about studies? Do you think he is not able to use his full potential? Do you think he lacks concentration? If you have answered 'yes' to any of these questions, it is time to think WHY?





Teaching through the heart


    How many of you will score if the students were to evaluate you as a teacher? Many teachers are often dissatisfied with their own performance and the respect they command in children's eyes. But some others become darlings of the students, and their classes are eagerly looked forward to. This is achieved not through any inherent genius, but a practical understanding of the psychological needs of children. What is required is simple change of attitude




Positive Parenting


    There is no joy comparable to parenthood! There is no greater joy than having loving, independent, freethinking, well-adjusted, self motivated, self-disciplined children.

    It has been said that parenting is the most difficult job, and the most important responsibility we will ever have in our life. Unfortunately, we receive little or no formal training in parenting, yet we are constantly criticized for every mistake we make.






Daddy, mummy, let's talk
(Co authored with Dr. Ali Khwaja)


    Good communication between parent and child is the foundation of a happy home. This workbook gives very practical and experimental exercise on improving your interaction with your child (of any age above 8 years). The points have been short-listed after years of survey, research and confidential discussion with different children.







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