Foundation Course in Counselling Skills - 1 Year


Nature of the course

The burgeoning demand for counselling in the society has led to a steady expansion in the number of counselling courses available for would-be counsellors. Where once people might have sought help from a trusted relative or friend many are now turning to qualified professionals for focused, structured self-exploration.                             

Our course is designed to train people as counselor.It combines academic, practical and experiential components within a supportive and challenging environment.There are 'Hands-on' sessions spread over years. The course will provide practical training in counselling and personal work.

It is intended that participants completing the course will

  • Have a basic knowledge of human psychological development
  • Have an opportunity for personal reflection and development, both individually and within a group setting.
  • Have enhanced ability to work with people who are in need of counselling.
  • Help participants to enhance their personal growth through facilitating self awareness.
  • Be able to use the counselling skills to enhance their relationship within the family setting.
  • Improve their own interpersonal relations outside of family

Group size

We take maximum of 10-12 people in a batch to facilitate deeper sharing and better learning.

Eligibility & Duration

Duration: One year program starting from June 2020. Theory classes once a week.
Eligibility: Academic qualification - a bachelor’s degree from any stream.

Mode of Learning

  • Pre session reading/research
  • Recorded video and audio sessions for supervision
  • Lectures
  • Group discussions
  • Personal reflection through journals
  • Reflective book reading
  • Practice – Counselling sessions conducted by participants individually
  • Role plays
  • Peer Group Feedback

Course director

Mrs. Meera Ravi, M.A, (Book Publishing, Delhi University), M.A. Psychology (specialisation in Child Mental Health), Basic Skills in Counselling, Advance course in Counselling children and adolescents, Advance course in couple and family counselling, Diploma in "Creative Writing in English" from IGNOU.
She is pursuing her advance training in Transactional Analysis.
She is the Author of 5 books namely ‘A Guide to study skills’, ‘Teaching through the heart’, ‘Counselling – What Why and How’, ‘Positive Parenting’ and ‘Arrange your Love Marriage’.